About the ACN

The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine (ACN) combines Engineering, Medicine and Science to deliver therapeutic solutions to research problems in medicine. ACN is a hub for nanomedicine research in Australia and through a commitment to research, education, knowledge transfer and commercialisation, ACN is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and curing of diseases.

Global effort has been made to conquer incurable diseases by developing new advanced medical technologies that utilise a multi-disciplinary research approach of converging nano- and medical research. This convergence is resulting in a new academic area, providing new industrial capacity with significant prospects for improved human health and national economic benefits, these being aims of ACN. Globally there is great demand for novel and innovative research that links research expertise and education of high quality non medical experts.
Looking at what is happening overseas, UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales) in April 2011 took the initiative of creating a multidisciplinary team from Faculties and Centre's to create the ACN. Foundation partners stem from:

By taking the expertise that has been established across UNSW disciplines, ACN is a translational research centre based on a multi-disciplinary and multi-faculty strategy that undertakes basic, clinical and institutional technological research. This research will be directed at increasing capabilities in specific disease focused programs by bringing biological scientists and nanotechnologists together to encourage synergism. The majority of ACNs research programs revolve around disease focus. Each disease focus involves a multi-disciplinary team combining the skills of medics, scientists and engineers.

Aims of ACN include:

  • Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of internationally recognised polymer chemists, engineers and other technologists with clinical and medical practitioners to more clearly understand the requirements to deliver improvements in health
  • Showcasing and promoting nanomedicine through forums, publications, conferences and news outlets and seek feedback on new projects
  • Working with Australian decision makers to deliver on national priorities forscientific excellence and industrial competitiveness
  • Partnering with other academics and commercial ventures to contribute to advances in the field
  • Establishing the International Nanomedicine Conference in Sydney as a leading nanomedicine conference in the Asia-Pacific region, and using this to leverage a strong network involving medical institutes and companies


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