Cell and Tissue Engineering

Regenerative Medicine

In the regenerative medicine focus area of the ACN, researchers are developing new materials and methods to exert control over lineage determination in vitro and in vivo. This involves the development of designer interfaces at culture surfaces, on targeting nanomaterials, and within 3D scaffolds, for directing differentiation and de-/trans-differentiation. At the core of this challenge is the recognition that mammalian cells respond to a myriad of soluble and insoluble cues to specify lineage, thus requiring tight control over the spatiotemporal presentation of signals at multiple length scales.

Projects in this area include molecularly defined micro- and nano-structured materials for directing cell fate, model tumour microenvironments for cancer research, materials to prime autologous regenerative cells, and hydrogels for organoid engineering.

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Bone Regeneration

Our research is focused at the intersection of materials science and human biology to develop a range of biomaterials that promote healing and aid the body`s natural tissue repair mechanisms, and to understand how chemistry, topography and architecture of biomaterials can act as niche to trigger a specific cellular function, particularly in musculoskeletal system( bone, cartilage, osteochondral tissue, tendon, skin and entheses).

We integrate traditional and advance techniques to fabricate the biomaterials with similar the physical, mechanical and chemical properties to the target tissue to permanently replace or regenerate the damaged tissue and restore the function.

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